Hello, and welcome to Megan Stuart’s Notebook, a blog for decompression of the creative mind of the college student or recent college graduate. There are lot of pressures to being in college, and in this day and age, there are a lot of pressures to being just out of college too (graduate of Baldwin-Wallace backs when it was still a college, with a B.A. in English no less). Couple that with college students and graduates who have dreams of writing the next great best-seller, but have no idea how to break into the business, or are struggling to get their name in print, all while studying for finals or trying to make ends meet when the job market is so tough and competitive, you’ve got a strong mix for an anxiety-riddled existence coupled with a proclivity for despair.

Fear not! I’m going through the same rut, and I figured, why not create a blog where people in the 18-25 demographic (and everything in between) can decompress? A community where everyone can share their real-life problems or book ideas with myself as the mediator and sympathizer. The starving young idealistic artists of old have always had a place to go to unwind and exchange ideas, and now there’s a place to do it on the Internet, reaching students and graduates across the vast distance in between.

That being said, happy posting, and in the words of Josh Groban: “Don’t give up!”


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