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Resolutions 2019

Wait…we’re already on 2019?





Resolution Number One. Write more blog posts. You only wrote TWO in 2018!

Two, take up yoga. Well, anything to keep yourself active despite your crippling asthma.

Three, get your manuscript finished.

Seriously, though it’s been a year. Sometimes trying, other times delightful. But I really hope that in 2019, things’ll be better all around. I mean, that’s what everyone hopes for when the New Year comes around, right?

But in this case, there’s a greater sense of urgency.

Me personally, I’m going into 2019 with not only the normal anxieties of adulting, but the weight of a world spinning out of control in many respects. Not all, and not all in the way some would have you believe, but nonetheless. I mean, as if the melting of the polar ice caps reaching critical weren’t enough.

Happily though, I also actually start out this year with something to flaunt, that being that little badge over on the sidebar that serves as proof of my having received an honorable mention in the fourth quarter run of the Writers of the Future Contest in 2018. This was something I didn’t get to do last time this happened to me a few years ago, and having something like this has bolstered my confidence as a writer in general.

So I go into this year not only with trepidation, but dare I say…hope?

Either way, I’ve got no more than 24 unfinished blog post drafts in my queue, and I can’t wait to finally getting around to sharing them, if only to feel that satisfaction that comes with hitting the publish button.

Just pray that 2019 doesn’t burn me out completely. Or any of us.


(Gifs from the very beautiful Shelter by Porter Robinson and Madeon in collaboration with A-1 Pictures)


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