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I Have a Tumblr! (But I Will Only Use This Power for Good)

So yeah, got some housekeeping news. And I’ve got a Tumblr page now! Though I’m surprised it took me this long. (Actually my biggest fear was that it would be too big of a time suck–swear though, that won’t be the case!) Though I’m just in it for the fandom posts and anime and manga goodies. And explaining to people why they’re wrong about the two characters they shipped, and that you are obviously right. Or entertaining myself in the grocery store line instead of picking at that latest Sudoku puzzle I haven’t finished solving.

I’ve also revisited my Goodreads page, and being that it’s spent years in disuse, I’ve been slowly working to update it (cause I’ve definitely read more than 37 books).

Additionally, I’ve added a link to my page on Pinterest, which I’m also rebuilding. And I’ve included some links to three different channels on YouTube (Overly Sarcastic Productions, Terrible Writing Advice, and one for Jenna Moreci, author of Eve the Awakening) that give some great writing and storytelling advice and info in rather amusing ways. So next time you’re tooling on YouTube, when you should be writing, you can totally say it’s for research! (No wait that’s bad advice.)


I’ll also be putting up a link to an Anime Amino page possibly if it strikes my fancy. But for now, I think we’re good.

So check out the updated links page, and in the meantime, there’s a reconstruction of my articles page in the works, featuring articles I’ve written for The Bolde and MyAnimeList.



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