Life Struggles

Stop and Think (PLEASE!!)


Okay, I gotta vent again, even if it’s just a small point that’s been niggling at me. But it’s on my mind since we had Trump’ s 100 Day marker and the White House Correspondence Dinner (which Trump ducked out of to hold his own “pity party” rally, the narcissistic, insecure coward) reaffirming the fight to stand up for free speech and the first amendment.

And that’s what I keep hearing from his supporters and his base. “Why can’t Washington just let him do his job and get stuff done?”

Well, my friend, what you’re thinking of is NOT a democracy. What you’re thinking of is a dictatorship. Or an autocracy.

In a democracy (which is what WE have last I checked), there’s a little thing called compromise, so we don’t run into the authoritarian trap of letting one person have all the power of the government. We finally got the budget through because of this thing called compromise (more or less). But, like the child Trump is, he whined about it on Twitter. And, I might add, griped about wanting to “change the rules”-rules which are there in the first place as a safeguard against dictators and autocrats (who, last I checked, America’s foundations are not fundamentally a fan of-but hey, I guess it’s in vogue now to treat the Constitution like a napkin for your meaty BBQ sauce drenched baby back ribs).

And that’s thing about hypocrites, they’re like crazy people: totally unaware that they are what they are. They’re embracing the very dispicable values that go against those of the country they claim to love SOOOOO much. Which I guess is why it’s totally cool that the prez gets away with stuff like praising autocratic snakes. Cuz if you say you’re planning on changing things, you should be allowed to do anything you want even though you have the brain of a thirteen year old entitled brat.

So, you can say what you want (because you know, we have that first amendment that your precious Trump has so little respect for (but it’s all good as long as we can make it easier for mentally ill people to get guns, cause that’s smart! because obviously as long as everybody else has guns there’s no need to worry about insane people carrying guns!! adding more guns doesn’t complicate things at all!!! *tears hair*))–


For heaven’s sake, YOU quit whining, if only to give yourself a chance to hear your own brain think! You can have your pity parties and your ridicule rallies all you want–I have no right to stop you–but quit telling other people to quit whining when YOU won’t quit whining!!!! You are ADULTS!!!!!!


Oh, and thank you, so much, because you guys just screwed yourselves over for healthcare because you’re idiots, now that Trump’s F-U Care just passed the House. Speaking of which, by the way, I should mention that I have this thing called asthma, where like, if I don’t get the medication I need when something triggers it (which might as well be everything since we’re pumping poison into the air all the time), I either have to go to the ER, or die. And considering this new bill gives states the option of not having to cover the cost of an ambulance, I almost like to think I’d rather die. At least that way I wouldn’t be stuck paying an insane hospital bill just for them to stick a plastic tube in my mouth to inject medication.

Now, I’m quite while I’m ahead and cool off on this, if only because I know if I keep going, my words will just devolve into profanities. Bottom line, I may disagree with your opinion, but I respect your right to express it. And well…okay, I guess telling you the quit whining undermines that, so…can’t we just agree to disagree?

Gah! It’s the Anne Coulter Paradox all over again!!!

Ugh, yes it’s a free country, but you wanna know who uses that excuse to disrespect other people? Children. Definitely remember that one ALL the time from when I was young.

Or you could just quit being an idiot.

If for no other reason than for yourself so you can save yourself the regret later. Because I’m sorry, but very few people can pull of being an idiot and still be awesome.



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