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The Asterisk Principle

When I woke up on the morning of November 9, I’ll admit, I was a little surprised that the world was still moving along, same as always. But, I suppose you gotta do what you gotta do.

Thinking about it, we are a restless nation. We have been since day one of its birth. We’ve always been about change…and we always get dissatisfied very quickly. We like our shiny new toys, but we get bored with them soon enough.

Look, I get why it happened. I get why Trump won. I get what he tapped into, that it shouldn’t have been underestimated as it was, that there were a lot of people who were sorely out of touch with those who felt abandoned.

Live and learn.

And I’m not gonna act like I haven’t been frustrated with the status quo either. I just barely manage to get by month to month at my job, so I’m not a stranger to long nights lying awake wondering if I’m still gonna be able to keep on paying the bills and keep food in the kitchen and gas in my car and pray that nothing so horrible goes wrong that it puts me in the red.

But PLEASE–enough with the hypocrisy.

Here’s what gets under my skin.

When I hear the words, “Now is the time to reach out and come together,” I hear: “Time to fall in line and come to my way of thinking.”

When I hear the words, “Enough, let’s stop bashing Trump and give him the chance to lead,” I hear, “Sit down and shut up.”

Oh, I’m sorry: I thought we had a little thing called the First Amendment.

The right to free speech.*

*Unless you make fun of or slander Trump, or say things that don’t agree with his perception of the truth, then you get sued and apparently have no rights.

Outside of my day job, I am working to become a published writer, a novelist. But now I entertain fears that I’ll never get published because my writing addresses my concerns about the environment and global warming, never mind that it WILL get printed but have a big black marker taken to it to censor out anything that Trump doesn’t agree with. Or that I’ll just get straight up sued or jailed for it.

How many ridiculed and tore into President Obama? And he never childishly threatened to sue, or started a Twitter war. (Note the word, “childishly”.)

Now, I can’t say I’ve laid my eyes on the official Bill of Rights, but I don’t think there are any asterisks on it. But apparently there have been some added without most people’s notice.

I get it. Trump won. But please don’t deny me my right to express my grievances over it. When did it become okay to insult somebody and get away with it? Or shoot someone and get away with it, for that matter?

No, I’m sorry. He hurt a lot of people. He disgraced a lot of people. You can’t just brush that off. Because we might as well just throw up our hands right now and say that we are a nation of assholes. Because that’s basically what we’ve done.

You want me to give him a fair shot. And I like to think that over the years I’ve learned to have a more open mind about things, whether I agree or not. You try to assure me that he’ll stand by his vow to be a president for everyone, so why am I not just shutting my mouth?

Because he has yet to demonstrate that he IS a president for everyone.

You can’t say that you’re a president for everyone, when you’ve spent a campaign insulting half of them. No, he’s never held public office, so I can’t say that I know for sure how he’s going to govern. But I’m sorry, the evidence has done nothing to convince me otherwise. He has done NOTHING to convince me that he is a president that speaks for me.

And I’m not saying Hilary was a saint. But there it is again, that damn double-standard. Just like when a woman who gets a lot of guys is a slut, but a guy who gets a lot of women is a stud. Not saying gender is the whole picture, but it comes to the same thing. That double-standard.

That hypocrisy.

What she’s done to offend has to be answered for, but what Trump has done to offend doesn’t matter. The one child who always gets punished, the other who always gets rewarded, even though neither are perfect.

Since the dawn of our nation, we’ve prided ourselves on being able to break away from and declare ourselves independent from tyranny. From a bully. But now I’m thinking…all along, maybe it wasn’t so much that we were mad that we were being terrorized…but that we wanted to be the ones doing the terrorizing, the bullying.

So after years of telling our kids, “Bullying is wrong,” we’ve elected a bully into the highest office in the land.

You can be strong, without being an asshole to everyone. In fact, I’d say being an asshole is the weaker choice.


I also know I can’t change everyone’s minds. Or anyone’s. And I’m not going to try to. But PLEASE, for goodness’ sake, everyone allowed for one side’s grievances to be heard, please do them the courtesy of respecting the other side’s right to voice theirs.

And to everyone who voted for and supported Trump: I sincerely hope you’re happy.






3 thoughts on “The Asterisk Principle

  1. Amen Sister!
    We all need to step up and make sure our voices are heard. We cannot allow this Bully to take down the Press, strip away our rights, and silence our voices. We must be vigilant and vocal.

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