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Following YA Book Reviews

This revelation is probably a long time coming, but better late than never on this. That and, all timing aside, I’ve been finding this a great inspirational tool, particularly with work on my manuscript (which has sucked up a lot of my time of late) coming ever closer to fruition. THAT, and I’m desperate to reflect on something apart from how much Donald Trump’s parade of idiocy wants to make me bash my head in while simultaneously keeping a daring escape to Canada as an option on the table.

I got in early to work one morning and decided while I played catch up on some tasking, I’d flick through videos on YouTube for something discussing topics in YA to listen to while I did this. I’d had YA romance tropes on my brain for a while, and after sifting through different videos throughout the day (thank you Selena Gomez’s “Same Old Love”), I came across a channel which featured a video on “The Most Hated Line in YA” followed by “Top 5 Most Hated YA Tropes”, and then “Top 5 Favorite YA Tropes”. From there I started thumbing through videos reviewing different books in YA, as well as rants on things like how copycat some YA books have become following certain popular trends within the genre. The practice triggered something in my brain that gave me new insight on tweaking and editing my own YA manuscript.

It was just little things really. I picked up on bits like what might make a character work or not work, what a reader might consider tired as to what one might consider fresh and new, and honestly agreeing with them based on the evidence they had to back it up in their critiques. It served to stir something in my imagination, including the idea of looking at book reviews as a writing and self-editing guide. I say it’s worth a try, even just following a couple of reviews and “Top 5” or “Top 10” lists.

Actually, I think this is probably pretty obvious, but I thought I’d mention it nonetheless. Moreover, it’s given me a few more things to add to my reading list for further enjoyment and study (not that my list wasn’t already large to begin with).

Here are a couple really good channels I’ve looked at that I recommend, but surf YouTube at your own leisure.



Okay, now we can go back to getting wrapped up in untangling plot threads in the writing/editing process while trying not to think about the similarities between Donald Trump and President Snow.


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