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Fritter Day

With all that’s been going on with work and novel-writing, it’s weird to come across a day off and have nothing really to work on at the moment. I just submitted another short story for the Writer’s of the Future Contest, and I have my novel set aside at the moment before I dive back into putting it through it’s final edits. Now I come across this day off, and the most pressing thing I have going on writing-wise is picking at a couple of fanfiction stories in the works and writing this blog post.

And reading.

I’ve been warned time and again that novel writers find little time for pleasure-reading unless they DON’T want their novel to get written. But now that I’ve come across this break, I find myself with an afternoon to do nothing but pleasure read right after I write this post. Indeed, I still have Coriolanus to read for review, (though at this point I can already say that I’m probably not going to be a fan of Shakespeare’s historical works, but we’ll see about that). But other than that, I’ve got nothing but books and books and books to read for the rest of the afternoon.

If you happen to come across a day like this, it’s almost like finding a twenty in your jeans you didn’t realize was there. Exciting, if only for an opportunity to recharge the batteries. So don’t feel bad if you take a writing vacay now and then and fritter an afternoon away. We all need that fritter day to get out of the writing head space, otherwise you’ll just crack. πŸ™‚


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