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“Coriolanus” – Before Thoughts

All right, so I decided to start with Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, and it’s probably something that does get covered in college classes that concentrate on Shakespeare and Elizabethan poetry, etc, and may even crop up in high schools that include it in the curriculum (mine wasn’t, but that’s just me, so that’s what I have to go off of on including it in my list).

Why did I pick this one first? The Hunger Games of course! That being said, I already had a few ideas on what Coriolanus was about, but now that I know that the tyrannical leader of Panem, President Snow, shares his namesake with it, I can make a guess that it’s probably about a tyrannical leader named Coriolanus. And since this is Shakespeare, there will likely be murders most foul, political backhandedness, falls from grace, blood, etc.

And I promise I won’t cheat by watching a film adaptation, though some might argue that since all of these works are plays, they’re really meant to be seen performed (as in a film) rather than simply read. But we all read these plays in English class (and also from my experience, any scenes that were acted out were pretty starved for emotional impact, but I would guess that’s just par for the course, not everyone’s an actor, no less on cue).

With those thoughts taken into consideration before reading, I’d like to just add that I will continue (or try) to post other things on here as usual while I’m reading these plays, so keep your eyes peeled for each play’s “After” edition, as well as the introductory “Before”.

Right, on with the show! 😀


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