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Here Are a Few Thoughts

So I finally got around to picking up a copy of collected Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I felt I ought to since BBC’s Sherlock is one of my favorite TV shows. I do have a blog post in mind that will serve as a continuing commentary on the “good use of recycling” in storytelling.

That, and this got me thinking on doing a few posts concerning my big fat book of Shakespeare’s works, maybe something following the plays that most generic high school curricula never touch on. So basically skipping Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet and going for the nice obscure ones you might only cover in college if that’s your concentration of study. I figure since I didn’t get the opportunity, I might as well make use of that big fat book rather than just have it sit on my bookshelf and proclaim that I’m clearly a well-read person.

More posts to come!! ;D


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