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What Season(s) Is/Are Your Peak Writing Time?

Anime-love-wallpaperAlthough my imagination is very (gothically) inspired during the autumn and winter, I write best in the spring and summer, in that my brain wakes up somehow to optimum motivation to write for long hours at a time, probably due in part to the happy, sunshiny view that I can now enjoy out of my window when I sit at my desk, and I’m not buried in the pile-up of winter (not to mention being buried in snow).

That being said, at the same time heat makes my brain all muggy, whereas I do find something mentally revitalizing and clarifying in coming in from the cold and thawing out.

There’s a kind of exhilarating quickening of the blood that feeds me creatively.

The downside is that it gets dark earlier so I feel tired sooner in the day, and that puts me off writing, whereas in spring and summer, the day feels longer, so I’m more willing to accomplish more. Sure I can still be wakeful when it gets into the wee hours–I think of some the best and/or weirdest things when I’m half-asleep, or just woken up from a dream that’s left such a great, sometimes even emotional, impression on me that I just have to turn it into a story (though nothing yet about lying in a meadow with a sparkly guy, thank goodness), or whenever I catch myself awake in the dead of night. I also tend to get a lot of good thoughts while I’m driving (which is extremely inconvenient because I can’t do anything about it until I’ve stopped the car–not even art is worth me crashing).

So for me, I think a lot more gets done writing-wise during the spring and summer months. There’s just something less crunched about the way time flows around me that I find so much more relaxing and can manage to get more done. Plus lately optimum writing has been practically zilch since on top of my priority of editing my third draft of my novel, I’ve been using pockets of spare time in between hours at work to do my Christmas shopping and shipping, so I’ve fallen behind on working on other writing projects I might otherwise work on, like Harry Potter fanfiction, blog posts, short stories for possible entries in writing contests, etc. And don’t even get me started on reading for pleasure. I was supposed to finish Dracula in October for Halloween and I’m still only half-way through!

As you can see, holiday time isn’t especially open for me, now I’m working retail full-time. Nevertheless, I try to keep up.

But if you have a particular season/time of the year that you’re at your best potential for writing output, take FULL advantage of it. Obviously you should keep it up year-round, and try to get at least a little done, if not EVERY day, than most days (at the very least don’t skip weeks), but when it comes to that time of the year when writing comes to you so easy it’s ridiculous, USE that to get the bulk of your annual quota out (whatever that quota might be for the year). You have my word that you will not regret it, and I salute all of you in your continued efforts as I continue in my own, with the hope that shortly after New Year’s I can start peddling my manuscript.

In the meantime, have a very happy Holiday Season, and if I don’t get to my review of The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug before the end of the year, have a Happy New Year too! :D

"We Wish You A Merry Christmas" (pic is link) (though I'm not excluding other holiday celebrations, etc.)
“We Wish You A Merry Christmas” (pic is link) (though I’m not excluding other holiday celebrations, etc.)

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