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A Thanksgiving Post

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Well guys, if you celebrate Thanksgiving then it’s that time once again to enjoy that last meal before the Holiday Stampede (unless of course the Stampede’s forcing you to skip that meal or seriously miss out on really enjoying it because you’ve been roped into working on the day–is nothing sacred anymore?) But all that aside, I thought I’d share with you a list of things I’m thankful for at this very moment, or at the very least of late that has made particularly the last few weeks more bearable for me. And take some time to consider what you yourself are thankful for of late, not just for the cliched requisite of the holiday itself, but also just to get you through the tough stuff, whenever that may come along.

So here is my list, in no particular order and at no particular length. And keep an eye out, there are links scattered throughout that lead to neat little YouTube vids. ;D

  1. The people I love, because I would go insane without them (or more insane than I already am).
  2. My desire to write stories, because it gives me one of the best senses of purpose in my life, and my imagination has always been the one place I can escape to where no one but me makes the rules.
  3. Tales of romance, preferably deep and poetic ones, but there is the junk food like Twilight, though slightly better than that is the standard I like to call the “Jane Ann Krentz” standard, (see Absolutely, Positively and Mischief) and even better than that is the “Diana Gabaldon” standard (see Outlander Series). In the world of YA though I’ve found much better fare in Harry PotterThe Hunger Games, and in the Chronicles of Lumatere books. That’s speaking just for books though. For films, I’m partial to romance wrapped up in danger and/or comedy, such as TitanicRomeo & Juliet, Moulin Rouge!Shaun of the Dead, Love ActuallyDown with Love, The Princess Bride, Lord of the Rings just to name a few. And let’s not forget romantic anime, in particular the anime version of Romeo & Juliet, a.k.a. Romeo x Juliet, as well as Clannad and Clannad: After Story
  4. British humor: see Shaun of the Dead, Monty PythonThe World’s EndLove Actually.
  5. David Thewlis, because he was the best f***ing Remus Lupin ever.
  6. Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks, for being best werewolfy romance ever.
  7. Gary Oldman, because he was the best f***ing Sirius Black ever.
  8. Benedict Cumberbatch, because he’s made the list of British-men-with-schmexy voices (he is the voice of Smaug the Terrible after all).
  9. Martin Freeman, because he’s f***ing adorable and the best young Bilbo Baggins they could’ve picked. Best Watson too.
  10. Lee Pace, because Pushing Daisies, and because he was a WAY better vampire than Edward Cullen.
  11. Lelouch Vi Britannia, for being smart, badass, and sexily tormented (the right way), and while still being nothing more than colored lines and without turning into a total douche.
  12. Yuki Kajiura: see “A Song of Storm and Fire“, or “Credens Justitiam“, or “Mezame“, to name just three.
  13. Chocolate, because tasty.
  14. Daniel Radcliffe, for that haunted look in his eyes that makes me sigh.
  15. Musical instruments used with loving warmth, like the violin, the cello, the flute, the clarinet, etc.
  16. Musical instruments used with loving darkness, like organs, cellos, minor chords, certain electronica beats, etc.
  17. Florence and the Machine, for the inspiration she gives me when I need to write something darkly romantic–or romantically dark.
  18. MLP: FIM, for coloring my world.
  19. Cosmic good luck, because I’d’ve been stuck in a few tight spots without it.
  20. The look of the world after a rainy storm, because everything has this mysterious stirring quality about it, that just waking up in the aftermath of the passing tempest that’s almost otherworldly. Especially in the fall, when the rain-soaked trees look stark against the grey sky. That’s an image that’ll always speak to my imagination somehow.
  21. Days off where I can goof off without feeling guilty, because let’s face it, we ALL need days like that.

I could honestly go on and on about every little thing, and quite frankly each thing I list would cheer me up that much more, but for now, I’ll think I’ll leave it at that. On this day, in this moment, I’m thankful for these things existing in the world, and I hope that I’ll have more to be thankful for in the year to come (but in the meantime I’ll be working on my New Year’s Resolution List for 2014–can you believe it’s almost here already???).

And I’d like to admit that my last post about character development could be seen as an anime extension of a post I wrote about a year ago about characters changing throughout the plot of a story, using The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, as an example. But I still had fun with it anyway.


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