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Post Delay–Good News and Bad News

So just an update, as well as, I hope, some good news: if any of you are wondering WHY I struggle to update with new posts as often as possible and only manage to pound out a few a month while six or seven sit in my drafts section as WIPs, it’s for the reason of time. When I was working as a part-timer, I was spending most of my time on my writing, and that’s all well and good. That’s the primary focus of any writer–all the blogging and Tweeting and networking and conference-going is good too, you can’t do without it in today’s literary world, but the writing is most key: if you don’t have any output, you won’t have anything to share with those readers of your blog and editors and agents you’ve done such a good job of networking. This is Writing Life 101. And it’s harder when you’re starting out, trying to make ends meet on limited means. As a part-timer, I had the time to write, but I was light in the wallet.

Now, I’ve been promoted to full time (hooray!). Things are looking up financially. But I still get distracted by the occasional YouTube video (curse you, Internet). There’s always housework (I only clean the bathroom once a week, but now that that the days are filled up with work, I do it and feel like I just did it). And the work itself–it eats up more of my daylight hours, and by the end of the day, I am exhausted.

But I’m adjusting. I’m getting up earlier on my days off for one (no more sleeping in ’til noon, now I consider 8:30 to be “oversleeping”), and I squeeze in what I can on my work days too. The reading too, actually, I’m doing my best to manage, because for a while there I was getting mindblocked as far as ideas go on my current novel project and so I just took a short reprieve where I just absorbed as much of the written word as I could on a rare block of time when I happened to have two days off consecutively. Now I’m back on track, if not on that particular novel (although that’s partly because my flashdrive is currently inoperative at the moment) it’s definitely on something I’m SUPER excited about (and that’s enough of a motivator in and of itself).

And now I’ve put up this lovely blog post, because I do want to say that while full-time jobs and writing can sometimes, for some people, be a Herculean lifestyle to maintain (especially when you add having to do a lot of your own PR into the mix), you WANT that full time job, because at the end of the day, when you pay those bills and then do a bit of editing on your laptop before hitting the sack, at least your head falls on the pillow less absorbed by the worries of financial stability (ha) and more absorbed by those ideas that swim in your head while you’re spending all day at that (oftentimes very uncreative) full time job. And if you’ve got as many ideas as I do just jumping on you every five seconds a day just vying for your attention like children who all want to be your favorite but you can’t pick just one when you come in the door and collapse in the living room after a hard day at work and can’t bring yourself to pay attention to any of them because all you want to do is unwind even though you were so excited and itching to get to them all through that glorious drive home from work (gasp!) there’s definitely a whole learning curve as far as how to adjust so that you can meet your writing needs.
But it can be done, and that’s why I’m taking the opportunity right now on my day off today to write up a blog post about it. That, and to let you know that along with my post about the opportunities that taking temp jobs can lead to, the same goes for part-time positions too. I started out as part-time, now I’m full time, and feel like I walk the streets with a little more measure of pride in myself as a worthy human being.
Also, if you’re wondering why this post is partly in Italics, well, my finger slipped (as it often does when my brain’s working faster than my fingers) and this whole paragraph got Italicized and I couldn’t fix it. So I let it do its own thing. Plus I thought I would shake things up a little just see if anyone would notice (lol).
But as far as the blog posts go, I will try to keep those coming. Now that you know I’ve got six more on the backburner. ;D

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