Life Struggles

The Temp Job Resort

So here’s something that might make all those pursue the oftentimes non-lucrative profession of freelance writing feel less alone, and perhaps give a semblance of hope to those who are graduates looking for a good job to keep up with bills while cultivating said writing career, with the unfortunate snag where they find themselves hopelessly unable to do so.

Temp jobs.

They’re out there, and while they are temp, at least they’re a paycheck that can provide some semblance of security for a time where you can A) write, and just as importantly B) keep your eye out for more permanent positions. Temp positions too often lead to permanent positions, so long as you put the work in to earn the permanent status.

Despite the temporary status of temp jobs (hence the slang term, “temp”),  I would choose a temp job over no job any day of the week. More money is better than NO-more money, right? And look at it this way, when they do your author’s biography years from now, you will be counted among those great writers like Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne who held odd jobs here and there in their constant pursuit and struggle to support their own writing craft. Believe it or not, those brilliant writers didn’t become brilliant without being willing to take whatever job they could get.

Otherwise they’d’ve been out on the streets wasting away from starvation long before they became great. So if you are offered a temp job before you’re offered anything else, the smart idea is to take it, and run with it. Just like any idea.



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