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Cliches That Make Me Grin

Here’s something a bit fun: we all know how people these days feel about cliches–they’re true yes, but they’re also overused, hence they’re cliche. The ones that make me grin though are the ones that with some stories, you just can’t live without. For the record, some of these are mostly useful movie lines, but screenwriting is still writing, so I see no problem sharing. Think of it more as cornerstones and pillars of our most beloved moments in genres. Or something like that. Anyway, here are my fave cliches that make me grin rather than roll my eyes:

From any given mystery/crime story: “Guys, I think you better come and take a look at this.”

From any given action story: “Something really big is happening….” To that, I would also append this for action movies involving the army or the police or SWATs: “Lock and load!”

A love story: “You complete me.” Or “You had me at hello.” Or any number of lines that are to a similar effect. That and of course the standard bit where the guy screws up.

A horror story: Where the villagers warn the hero of heroine or heroes, “Don’t etc.” But of course they do anyway, especially if they’re stupid, hormonal teenagers.



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