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Scarier Than Halloween

Tomorrow is Election Day guys, so this is my final word on this stuff.

So ForecastTheFacts on YouTube posted this video Mitt Romney vs Sandy overlaying footage of the destruction of Hurricane Sandy with the gibe he made about President Obama’s commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. The footage underlines the storms super-storm status, footage which seems to harken to the misfortunes of Roland Emmerich’s The Day After Tomorrow just short of us freezing to death overnight like in the movie. In this case, what Hurricane Sandy, aka “Frankenstorm” did was suck another storm right into it, turning it into a superstorm. Sounds freaky right?

Hurricane Sandy: global view
Hurricane Sandy: aka “Frankenstorm”

And let’s not forget about Mitt Romney mentioning before this devastation a proposal to “funnel money from the Federal Management Agency (FEMA) to the states and private sector” (pulled from full article on BBC). So, not only do people not deserve affordable healthcare, but they don’t deserve to be rescued and given a chance to rebuild their lives in the event of a disaster? Because that’s so much less important than everything that goes towards defense, which is partly built up out of pure paranoia in the first place? And the fact that we spend way too much time bragging about how awesome we are and how everyone else in the world should be just like us.

(Could that last paragraph be any more dripping with sarcasm?)

So just think about this when you’re at the polls tomorrow.

And click here to donate to the American Red Cross for the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Fund.


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