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Romney Doesn’t Know the Meaning of Mandatory?

So here’s something I’d like to add about the article on Mitt Romney’s visit to the coal mine in VA. Apparently those coal miners standing behind him in the background of that photo were “not forced” to attend, but it was “mandatory”. (Okay, what’s up with THAT reasoning?)

It has also been made known that they were not paid for offering their time there.

Now I’m not saying that those miners didn’t want to be there, nor am I saying that they are no longer fearing for their jobs as coal miners. But, doesn’t it seem to be a bit of a shady charade to staging all this just to make a statement? I mean, why would their attendance HAVE to be mandatory, if they wanted to be there?

Just thought I would point that out. Now here’s a message from the “All The” meme:


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