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A Little Self-Promo Never Hurt

In the new world of the publishing industry, I’m beginning to see how much more the author has to be involved in the aspect of promoting their work. So I don’t think that in this case a plug can ever be considered shameless if done with honest pride in oneself without coming off sounding like you consider yourself to be the greatest genius in the world (though I don’t think it’s any secret that many writers can be just the teensiest bit vain).

In that spirit, I’d like to do a little self-promotion of my own with a link to the Writers of the Future Contest‘s blog page on the 2nd Quarter results for this year, because my name is listed as an honorable mention, which got a big squee out of me because that means not only some small recognition, but it also means that with this story, I did better than with my previous entries, and that perhaps if try just a little bit harder, I just might be amongst the winners’ circle for this upcoming quarter, but I won’t know until I try. So until then, I’ll be working towards that September 31st deadline!

Here’s the link below, and as you can see, my name (Megan Stuart of Ohio) is listed among many, which gives you an idea of just how many people actually enter (and how difficult this really is, which is why you have to give it your all with every submission).
Writers of the Future 2nd Quarter Results (names listed alphabetically by last name)


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