Creative Writing

The Benefits of Writing Reflectively

Whether it be blogging or writing non-fiction articles on the art of writing or on subject matters on which you base your fiction, doing so is a great way to escape your novel or any of your other general writing pieces for a while, while at the same time working on them still in the sense that you’re taking the time to really examine what you’re doing beyond filling a word quota for the day (not to mention making connections if you apply this sort of thing to the wonderful world of blogging). Benefits of writing reflectively are great for anyone, not just writers–but I feel like it’s a bit of a dying art, especially in college when you feel too pressured by other responsibilities to take some time to clear some space in your head by dumping your thoughts and considering them as they’re laid before you on paper or on a computer screen.

There are a lot of college classes that will assign journal writing as part of the curriculum, and I wish I had taken more time to take that practice to heart beyond the classroom and into my daily life. I do that now, because I’m out of school and working part-time, but if I ever go back or when I get work full-time, I’d like to keep on doing it. And that’s the nice motivational thing about blogging is you’ve GOT to keep up otherwise people will stop reading. If you go on without adding a new entry at least once a month or more, readers will probably drop from your following, which could mean a dent in your writing career. So with blogging, you kill two birds with one stone: you get a chance to consider your own life and share it with others, and keeps up your appearance on the web which is excellent (and essential) for the authorial platform-building.

But even so, just keeping a non-electric journal (so in physical paper book form, they do still exist) is also great. Not only can you see your thoughts laid out for you to see and consider in the present, but in the future, when you look at it back as something in the more distant past, you can see how far you’ve come from the day you wrote that entry. And all of this not only clears your head but keeps it fit for wrapping your head around the massive undertakings that novels can be, or even a series of smaller writing projects put together, especially when you’re working on several at once, like me–I’m working on two novel manuscripts, as well keeping up with a few different Harry Potter fanfictions, and preparing short stories for contest entries and magazine/journal submissions.

And it’s always nice when I can make a moment for myself to come here and share a little bit of myself on a reflective, thought-sharing basis. Speaking of which, I’d like to take this moment to thank everyone who has been following me thus far! You guys have been great. πŸ™‚


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