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Stalling Engine

No, this isn’t a post concerning car troubles. This is about that desire to write the burning idea in your head getting extinguished by everything else going on in your life. Sometimes when you’re so busy, you find the desire to write burnt out instead of burning bright, just because you’re too tired, or you’ve got too much to think about. The motivation and the inspiration just doesn’t come.

Sometimes the brain just needs a jump start.

I personally find that listening to music that inspires the fiction that I write gets me excited about what’s going on in my story, and helps me brainstorm possibilities. It also helps me if I listen to music while I actually sit down to write (most effectively with headphones on), so that way the real world zones out, and I can concentrate on my inner thoughts to the perfect soundtrack. What I find is that the music itself conjures images of what my story is, and what it could be, and how I can make it that way, and that’s where the excitement kicks in.

I know what you’re thinking: it’s great if I’m excited, but where’s the time to write all of this amazing stuff going to come from?

Well, as much as you might not like to hear it, YOU have to make the time. It’s so easy after a day of getting your brain fried by lectures and labs and homework and class reading, you just wanna turn on the free cable TV (if you’re in a dorm) or surf the Net and check your Facebook (or your blog!) or your email, or pop in a game on your X-Box, but if I’ve learned anything from Kelly Stone’s Time to Write, you’ve just got to sit down and DO IT! Take a look at your schedule of classes and extra-curricular activities, and your job, and work around that to block in a surmountable amount of time for you to power through a writing session. Just like garage, non-scholastic variety bands have band sessions, writers have writing sessions.

If those bands can make time to meet and practice their instruments and still get their schoolwork done (although sometimes that’s another issue entirely), you can make time to fit in even just a half an hour of good solid writing, and even some editing and what have you at other times of the day.

And it helps if you can motivate yourself with a jump start to your creative engine that reignites the spark at the heart of your desire to write. So find out what works for you, and go for it. πŸ™‚


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