Life Struggles

I Want a Life Free of Extraneous Bits

The thing about life is that it is never airtight. Even when you’ve got a plan. And when I muse on all of the thoughts circling round in my head like water round a drain, or something, I reflect on how life tends to have all of these…extraneous bits.

I suppose a good analogy would be like the copier machine at the office: I always end up making more copies than I need to, and end up with this huge mess of extra paper (RECYCLE people, it’s earth-friendly!) and life seems to go the same way for me every day of my life: I go through the motions and the routine and I wake up realizing I have all of this…STUFF around me, a lot of which I don’t need and toss in the recycling. Or woudl that I could, anyway.

The problem I guess is organization, in that I have a lack of it in a lot areas. There are messy bits in my head and other places, but I try really hard not to let it overflow into my workplace cubicle. Otherwise, I’m all over the place. It’s like I’m Tornado Alley, and occasionally I wake up and notice that a whirlwind blew through, and then I’m like, “I don’t want to clean all of this up!”

My point is that this is what life is like when you have too much going on, and you find yourself making those extra copies you don’t need, or keeping receipts because you feel like you have to and then just end up as bits of useless paper in your pocket or sprinkled on the floor. There’s so much bureaucratic rigmarole that we have to deal with in life, so much so that our lives are run by it (at least mine is), and I find myself doing things in triplicate.

Still, we try to manage ourselves as best we can, just as I do. Every day of my life. My room’s a mess, my car’s a mess, my life’s a mess because I’m a mess, and I wish that it could be all neat little corners and straight lines, and I guess it would be, if my apartment were bigger, and I had the right kind of organizational tools (I need a market that suits my particular needs, because the mainstream stuff that’s out there just doesn’t cut it). It’s on the way most certainly: I’ve got a place for all the mail I get, and a shelf on my desk for my printer, and paper, and other random sheets of paper I constantly get that I don’t need but have no idea what to do with.

If all else fails, I suppose I could invest in a paper-shredder and use the ribbony bits to make paper bouquets. 🙂


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