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Fanfiction: A Great Way to Test Your Style

Although fanfiction is not a paying gig, it’s advantage is testing out your writing style on others. I write Harry Potter Fanfiction, and I’m always appreciative of reviews and critiques on my style and storytelling capabilities, even if the stories aren’t from own original universe. And it’s fun too! It keeps your writing muscles in practice, and you can write fanfiction for nearly any book or movie franchise, so as long as you enjoy those worlds and getting to revisit and reimagine them in your own head, s just a bonus.


10 thoughts on “Fanfiction: A Great Way to Test Your Style

  1. I agree with that. I make fanfictions to improve my writing. Your work is more accessible to many readers who are always more than happy to review you story. It also gives you in good practice of finishing things on time since readers could be quite demanding for an update.

    You could flourish as a writer in fanfictions. A good example is luv2beloved of Twilight fandom. Her works are so good, that she decided on rewriting them with original characters and presenting them to a publisher! I’m sure that’s a dream come true to any fanfic writer.

    For me, fanfics is an excellent practice/training as a fictional writer, having people enjoy your work is just the icing in the cake.

    1. Thanks for the comment Enjay!

      And I totally agree with everything you say. That’s so cool too about luv2beloved rewriting her fanfiction with original characters and submitting it to publishers, of course one would have to be careful there, otherwise there might be some issues of plagiarism merely based on the fact that it’s the same universe as twilight (unless that was rewritten too).

      it’s just unfortunate that fanfic writers (at least in my experience) have gotten a bad rap, or can be made to feel as though they are not real writers because they are not creating their universes and are essentially “leeching” from someone else’s, but it’s an exercise for many more than anything. at least that’s all my experience.

  2. I think luv2beloved is making the universe original too. So I think she won’t be facing any plagiarism issues.

    I know. TT-TT Fanfic writers get a bad rep because of “My Immortal” (curse that freaking augh!!!), bad authors (which are a LOT), and slash fics (actually these are not really bad if they’re made by very very good authors. Sadly such authors are an endangered specie.)

    Plus we are not leeching! Check my first blog post. I have my opinion about this “leeching”/unoriginality issue there.

  3. What Harry Potter fanfictions have you written…i’m going to be posting about Harry Potter fanfiction soon and am looking for interesting fics for my reviews section…by the way I agree that there is a specific value in the very act of fanfiction itself regardless of its obvious criticisms

    1. Thanks! And that is awesome, my fanfiction is mostly on Harry Potter Fanfiction, ( There’s a link to it on my links page too. But I’ve got some on too, but my main posting site is HPFF. Screenname is adoranymph. πŸ˜€ And I’d love to read your blog on HP fanfics.

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